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    Choose Your Meals
    Choose Your Meals

    Choose your favorite meal prep meals and snacks when ordering online or by phone. It's easy to customize your meals.

    Pick Up Or Delivery For Meal Prep
    Pick Up Or Delivery For Meal Prep

    You choose from pick up or delivery of your meal prep meals.

    Eat and Enjoy
    Eat and Enjoy

    No shopping, no counting and no cleaning. Enjoy your healthy meal prep meals and snacks with your family

    What our customers are saying!

    Yavz75 New York

    Protein shakes are the boom! If you never stopped here in Rockaway your missing out. They have all the things that I never thought they had such as parfait and my favorite granola. They made me a true believer that they are the best and you should also check out their meal prep delivery service. As far as meal prep goes I know I always need a healthy option when it comes down to planning weekly meals and they have it all.

    Sherrill Williamson New York

    Oh my God OMG this is the best place ever I can’t wait to go back again and try that Apple, Pear Smoothie. I'm really enjoying the new lifestyle meal prep delivery service. I really love this place I think I can do my meal plans here every week they have so many items to choose from I hope everyone enjoyed exactly the way I enjoyed their smoothies.

    Arianna Singletary New York

    This is the best smoothie place I ever been to. They have the best lifestyle meal prep service and great smoothies. This shop helped me lose weight so I can fit in my prom dress this year and it helped me maintain a healthy diet. My favorite smoothie is the berry blitz smoothie and I love the panini's they have. Lastly, I love how they have a big selection of fruits and vegetables. They Also Make The Best Salads With Any Dressing Of Your Choice


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